• What is Hometopia?
    Hometopia is a virtual world that allows players to build, design and renovate homes and neighborhoods to create dream spaces to inhabit.  With its own economy and currency, Hometopia will become much more than just a game.  By combining a marketplace for user-created items, homes and challenges, as well as virtual land ownership, Hometopia is Your Home in the Metaverse
  • When will Hometopia be released?
    Hometopia is currently in late Alpha testing and will be launching into Beta in March 2022.  
  • Platforms supported?
    Hometopia is initially available on PC, with Mac to follow later in 2022.  VR support is currently in early testing and other consoles are being considered for the future.
  • Is Hometopia free?
    Hometopia is free to download and visit other player's creations;  however, you must own a Builder's Pass to build your own creations. Optionally, if you want to be part of a neighborhood and visible on the map, you must own Land.
  • Where can I download the game?
    Hometopia will initially be available to download only on our website.
  • Why use blockchain?
    We use blockchain technology to give players proof of ownership over the things they buy. With traditional games, the developer technically owns everything you purchase in-game. Players spend money to buy things in the game, but then have no way to recover their value if they no longer use the item. Blockchain games, on the other hand, are changing that. Everything you purchase will be truly owned by you, which means you can freely trade in-game or out.
  • How does it work?
    Everything you buy in-game – whether it be a collectible item, home creation, or plot of land – is represented by a unique digital token on the blockchain known as an NFT (short for Non-Fungible Token). These NFTs are held in your own wallet, outside of the game, allowing for security and self custody, which translates to true ownership for the player.
  • What is the TOPE token?
    TOPE tokens are essentially our in-game currency. It serves as the basis for all transactions within Hometopia. TOPE tokens will be used to reward players for their projects and accomplishments, completion of design challenges, and within the community to buy unique items from the marketplace.
  • What is a wallet?
    Wallets are used to securely store your cryptocurrency. If you don’t already have a wallet, you can easily set one up using one of the following methods:
    1. connecting to your social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Google). Fast and easy, good for the storage of low-value assets and individuals just getting started with cryptocurrency. You can transfer your assets to a more secure wallet at any time.
    2. downloading the Metamask plugin extension. More involved, but more secure. Good for individuals that prioritize security and self custody.
  • Who can earn rewards in the game?
  • How do I earn rewards in the game?
    1. Completing neighborhood renovation games and competing in design challenges
    2. Builders Pass holders can rent out their services to landowners, or mint their creations into NFTs to sell on the marketplace.
    3. Landowners have additional unique earning opportunities such as staking, showcasing NFTs for sale, advertising, creating unique experiences, and driving traffic to their locations.
  • What is a Builder's Pass?
    Builder's Passes will be the first NFT available to purchase on launch.  By owning a Builder's Pass, you are able to build and design homes in Hometopia, as well as renovate existing houses and neighborhoods.  Add creations to your Portfolio, allow friends to visit, share them with the world on a plot of Land (Land-owners only), or mint them into NFTs to sell on the Marketplace.
  • What are the perks of owning a limited edition Builder's Pass?
    1. Builder's Passes will be used to distribute some of the first TOPE tokens to the community
    2. Builder's Pass badges will be displayed on your Hometopia profile
    3. The first limited edition Builder's Passes will give more visibility to your profile. More visibility = more traffic = more rewards (in the form of TOPE tokens)
  • Do I need a Builder's Pass to play?
    Hometopia is free to download and visit other player's creations; however, you must own a Builder's Pass to build your own creations.
  • What can I do with a plot of Land?
    1. You can invite others to view your property or host special events and contests 
    2. NFT artists can build a showroom gallery to showcase all of their creations and offer them for sale
    3. NFT collectors can display their collection inside of their homes and/or build a museum to show off their collections
    4. Land owners will be rewarded with airdrops and raffles for creating awesome and popular experiences and creations on their plot of land
    5. Nearby landowners can get together to create themed neighborhood events and displays, for instance around a holiday, to make something truly unique and unforgettable, a special destination that others will want to visit.
    6. In the future, you will be able to purchase keys allowing others access to build and design on your plot.
  • Is Land limited?
    Our first series of land sales will consist of 4,000 Genesis plots surrounding 5 unique neighborhoods. These will always have a higher visibility than other cities and terrains added in the future. As we scale to accommodate hundreds of thousands and eventually millions of users, we will slowly unlock more of the map and release additional cities and terrains.
  • Are land owners rewarded?
    1. You can monetize assets and experiences on your land by charging an entry fee to visit your property and/or view your home
    2. Land owners with the most traffic/visibility will be rewarded with TOPE tokens and other prizes
    3. A portion of revenue generated from NFT sales and other in-game transactions will be automatically distributed to landowners. Percentage based in part on plot size, popularity and Genesis status.
  • How can I purchase a plot of land?
    Sale will take place in Q2 2022.
  • Do I need to own Land to play?
    No! Land ownership is optional.
  • What determines the value of a plot?
    1. Similarly to our current physical world, plot size and location (terrain, proximity to other locations, etc.)
    2. Due to the way the in-game economy is structured, populated areas with more activity and more traffic will generally be the most desirable from a rewards perspective. More secluded plots will still be fun to build on, and will have unique opportunities of their own!
  • May 2019
    Hello, World!  Development on Hometopia officially begins to tackle creation of an ambitious new project for the Metaverse.
  • Oct 2021
    After over two years in development, Hometopia participates in the bi-annual Steam Next Festival with a public demo.  The demo receives an overwhelmingly positive response during the six day festival with 32,000 downloads, 1,200 days (28,000 hours) worth of time spent playing, hundreds of thousands of livestream viewers and Top 10 Trending during the entirety of the festival. More here.
  • Jan 2022
    New website revealed to the community
  • Feb 2022
    Pre-sale of Limited Edition Builder's Passes
  • Q2 2022
    • Beta game launch
    • Land pre-sale of 4,000 Genesis plots
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