Steam Next Festival

“Sims killer”

“I think this game has even better potential than Minecraft”

“Absolutely blown away! There were so many “no waaaaay moments”

“It takes a special game that makes a person when they wake up want to jump on and play right away.”

“This game has huge potential to put a shadow on all similar games in that genre. The devs of Hometopia have created an incredible game so far!”

“This is the most fun I have had in a game in a long time.”

“I haven’t sat down and played anything for this long.”

“It combines all the features that so many people wanted to see in one game.  The potential of Hometopia is massive and I am sure it will become a huge success in the genre!”

“Omg sold. I’m sold on this game now”

“I’m actually shaking with excitement”

“Utterly blown away by my first play on stream tonight! It has such an enormous future! Anyone who loves the building part of Sims and the decorating parts of House Flipper is gonna fall in love with this like I did!”

And just a few of the incredible designs by our demo players:

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